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How to Start
Use your Bot

Follow our easy instructions to start using Guilda Bot seamlessly and avoid getting lost on your journey with confidence.

Assembly tree


Command /assemble

When you type /assemble in your Discord channel, you unveil Guilda's assembly tree, a blueprint for your community setup.

Select a category branch

After accessing the assembly tree, your next move is to choose the category branch that suits your community's specific needs and functionalities.



Choose your component

Selecting components for your setup can be daunting, so we offer brief descriptions for each one to install-bot you.

Stay up to update

We understand the importance of keeping up with technology. Every change you make within the assembly tree integrates seamlessly with Discord's modals, utilizing the latest API.

Modal connection


Modals for all!

We're tech-savvy, integrating Discord's modals, delivering an optimal user experience. Customize with Guilda and see seamless integration.

Submit changes

Select, modify in the modal, hit "Submit" — Your changes go live on the panel editor, bringing your creation to life!

Panel editor


Live preview

Panel Editor offers real-time setup preview. Adjust and validate changes before going live. Gain confidence in your Discord community updates.

Go back home

Ready for the next step? For further changes, hit "Go Back Home" to return to the assembly tree with ease.
Important Features
Everything Needed

Guilda Bot offers all-in-one solutions, from server moderation to community engagement, perfect for your community's needs.

type /poll

Engage Community

Engagement is crucial for a vibrant community. Features like polls boost interaction, letting members express opinions.

App screenshot

type /assemble

Warm Welcome

Imagine a town crier welcoming newcomers, giving a quick intro to your community, making them feel welcome and informed.

App screenshot

type /assemble

Never Lose Sight

Utilize advanced tickets for efficient community support, ensuring quick responses and organized assistance, eliminating confusion.

App screenshot
Says it Here

Thank you for trusting us and supporting us! If you want to be a partner, contact us on our support!

“Guilda Bot, this has not only become my every day bot but it has replace the other 5 bots I had. This bot is an absolute jam packed incredible piece of kit that everyone needs. It has you covered from Admin Utility tools, to user levels and you can even make it wish you a happy birthday! It helps so much when it comes to running a community, especially with its forms and applications feature. The guys behind this bot are absolute wizards and have created one of the best bots out there to date. If you dont have this, what are you doing!! From the team at Zenith, thank you.”

@Feb 8, 2023

“The best bot by far i've used. Literally i got rid of dyno, giveaway bot & nightbot and now only use Guilda because it is all that i need and you will need to”

@Sep 30, 2022

“Very good all-in-one bot that has everything you can think of. For it still being in development, all features work very well. Support is very fast and they try very hard to do everything in their power to help/aid you. :)”

@Oct 5, 2022

“Ready to stop over paying for your bots, or having to pay for multiple just to get done what you need to get done? Ready to have one bot to do it all, basically? Well.. Guilda is your choice, hands down.”

@Nov 27, 2022

“This has honestly been a great transition to a new bot that basically removes the need for 5 different bots in a server. Highly recommend this to anyone who has been on the fence of purchasing the bot!”

@Nov 29, 2022

“Guilda is the best bot because the amazing dev team is always updating. Guilda replaced many other bots i had and made things simple. the fact thst the team also takes suggestions to make Guilda better and faster for us is a huge plus. cant wait till the only bot in my didcord is Guilda!”

@Nov 30, 2022

“I have been part of this community since the start of this bot's production and every single update has suprised me alot. This bot has been a replacement to multiple bots and it also allows us to change the name of the bot however u would like. Now with the, new dashboard, customizing the bot is so much easier.”

@Feb 8, 2023
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Major upgrade imcoming! We're working on Guilda Dashboard v2, which will simplify everything.

No more in-Discord commands and manual configurations – it's all about the new dashboard! We don't have an exact release date yet, but we'll keep you in the loop.

Stay tuned for updates! Thank you for being part of the Guilda community! 🚀